Windstorms . . . "The Day the Trees Turned Dangerous"

The State of Washington has experienced many violent windstorms: the Columbus Day Storm, November 1981 Windstorm, Inaugural Day Storm, and most recently the Windstorm of 1995. These storms have damaged homes, businesses, public utilities, and left thousands without power for several days.

The Inaugural Day Storm of 1993 caused widespread damage from Longview to Bellingham. The effects of this storm were significant:

The Windstorm of 1995 was forecast well in advance by the National Weather Service. This early warning gave state and local emergency management offices, utility companies, communities, governmental offices, schools, etc. time to prepare and brace for the winds that arrived. Because this proactive approach was taken injury and property damage was minimized.

The following are tips to take before and during a windstorm:

If a windstorm is forecast in your area stay turned to your NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather wadio, or local radio or television station for weather

Washington State Military Department, Emergency Management Division