Mitigation Information

These sites provide excellent information on how to prepare for and survive natural disasters:

Give the gift of love:Prepare... Because You Care!

Family preparedness from the Washington State Military Department, Emergency Management Division

Exercise Design and Evaluation Course Workbook (280K)

Family Preparedness Presentation (500K) A customized version of these transparencies is available for free to public agencies. Presenter Script Click here to email me for more information.

Family Preparedness Supplies Calendar (190K) An itemized calendar for purchasing supplies over six months.

Family Preparedness Wallet Cards (62K) Camera-ready masters.

Living on Shaky GroundEarthquake preparation and survival brochure on-line

Federal Emergency Management Agency

American Red Cross

Other Emergency Information Sources

Federal Emergency Management AgencyAngels from on high

Washington State Emergency Management DivisionHome town folks doing good things

Oregon Office of Emergency ManagementHome town folks doing good things

Pacific County Emergency Management Agency Pacific County, Washington

Natural Hazards Home PageUniversity journal on natural hazard mitigation

Disaster Recovery Journal Magazine for disaster managers and business continuity planners

Contingency Planning & Management Magazine for disaster managers and business continuity planners

FlightWebAir medical and rescue information and professional organizations

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